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Battery Wraps

Always make sure that the wraps of your batteries are in pristine condition. If you notice a nick, rip or hole on the battery wrap, the safe thing to do is to re-wrap it. If you notice any of these blemishes on your battery warps, come and visit our local shop and we will fix your wraps.

Use the Right Batteries

Some batteries are better for low wattage vaping, others are better for sub-ohming, and others are not supposed to be used for vaping at all. When picking batteries for your mod, make sure that they come in the appropriate specs. Don’t just read the numbers on the wraps, as those are often misleading. For more information, check our best vape batteries page.

Use battery cases

Never throw batteries in pockets or bags when not in use.  Get yourself some plastic battery cases instead, as unprotected batteries might short circuit when they come in contact with metal objects. This may cause your battery to vent and potentially explode. Battery cases can be found on our batteries page.

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